» PSOCash Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get paid?
Pay periods run from Sunday to Saturday. If you opt for Direct Deposit, your pay will be in your acct on the following Friday. If you prefer a check, checks are mailed every Friday. You check and direct deposit must be $100.00 or more. If less than that amount rolls over and is added to the next week until it totals $100.00 or more.

How much is Revenue share?
Revenue share is approximately 30%. We have two price point at the moment is $2.50/min or $2.99 per minute. If you chose $2.50 then you will make 75 cents per minute. If you choose $2.99 then you make $1.00 per minute. Calls are sold in blocks. So if a client buys 10 minutes... you will make $7.50 or $10.00... No matter how long he stays on the call.

What makes more money Fetish or Vanilla sex?
FETISHES. Hands down. Every time. The quickest way to a high conversion rate in phone sex is to cater to a traffic base that has a fetish that is hard to get... BDSM? Smoking? Adult Baby? Stocking? Hypnosis? Tease and Denial? You name it... if it's not exactly vanilla.. it will sell with phone sex. If you have a niche website and aren't promoting phone sex.. YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

How can I tell how my number is doing?
We provide you with a login so that you can get real time reports. Now how much you are going to get paid and how your latest marketing campaign is doing.

How long does it take to get setup?
We can get you setup in just a few days but might take up to a week.